Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lines of the Week (LOTW) - 1

So basically something I'm planning to do every week (maybe more than once a week), and will be totally random, sometimes from TV shows, lyrics, random things I hear in conversation.

The first little gem comes from the newest episode of Entourage (Season 6, Episode 11) and needless to say what's going through E's head is one of the things that every guy dreads. I meanwhile was mightily amused, great writers on that show.

E: Scott, what are you saying, have you been with her?

Scott: No, not my style, that girl's like a petri dish...

PS- Speaking of Entourage, is it a new thing on that show that Vince has to be fucking a new girl in a random position while on the phone with one of the boys every episode? Tough gig.