Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unfair Treatment of the South African Runner

I don't usually comment on these kind of things but after watching a news report on TV that Caster Semenya is now under suicide watch I wanted to share my opinion. Basically she set a world record in the 800 meter and all these white countries started saying she looks like a man. OK well a lot of girls look like men and a lot of men look like girls (milan stankovic comes to mind) but this doesn't mean shit! Athletes aren't models and as long as they achieve good results who the fuck cares?! If you're looking for material to jerk off to on TV I suggest you skip long distance running.

The most disgusting actor in this whole tragic ordeal is the moral-less Australian media who leaked her results saying she had testosterone levels which were 3 times higher than "normal".
Why would someone ruin this 18 year old girl's life over something this stupid? Do they think she's happy she was born like this and is in this situation? This is the way God made her and they need to leave her the fuck alone! This is the same as a retard learning to ride a bike only to have some aussie crocodile hunter lunatic jump out of a tree and push them off the bike saying "you have no right to ride a bike you're a retard". If this girl commits suicide because of these imbeciles I hope Australia has some model in waiting to take her gold so we don't have to go through another round of gender tests