Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Rich People are Annoying

After four years, the Hancocks have spent some $150,000 on legal expenses and $50,000 for modifications and inspections of the wall. These expenses have already exceeded the $170,000 cost of the wall. But with their case going to Stamford Superior Court on Thursday, Mr. Hancock's lawyer said the couple could spend $150,000 more before the matter was resolved. If they lose, it would cost them at least $120,000 to tear down their wall, not counting any fines.

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Lillien, the neighbors who filed the initial complaint and the lawsuit last year, say they believe Westport has moved too slowly in the case. They argue that the wall violates environmental laws and that it rests on common property.

"The remedy is to remove the wall," said Mr. Lillien, a lawyer at UBS investment bank. "We care about the environment. We care about our property being maintained in a safe and sound manner." He added: "They're trying to turn this into an interpersonal issue. This is a legal issue." FULL ARTICLE

they spent how much on what? shit like this gives me revolutionary thoughts