Wednesday, October 7, 2009

35 Cent quarter waters? WTF!!!!????

Okay, let me start off by saying that growing up in NYC, a kid could do a lot with 25 cents. You can use a quarter to buy a bag of cheese doodles, you can use it to call your friend from a payphone to pick you up because you left your cellphone at your girl's house, or you can buy a certified hood classic known as "quarter waters"! Quarter waters for those of you who dont know, are small bottles of colored waters and the like kool-aid and other colored drinks, the color is usually indicative of the flavor (i.e. purple = grape).

So anyway, as a kid I usued to have one of these everyday on my way home from school or after a game of basketball (who can afford gatorade back then? Besides, the parks dept was always shutting off the fuckin water fountains too!) I was heartbroken when they stopped selling them around my way in Queens and in a lot of corner bodegas around. Finally, this summer I went into my local corner bodega on 79th and Woodside where to my surprise I saw quarter waters being sold! It felt like a mirage in some sort of arabic desert (could be because the store owner was an arab too which always adds to that effect). So I immediatly reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter and left it on the counter and as soon as I got near the door the guy at the counter starts yelling at me saying "hey boss! 10 more cents". You mother fucker you! QUARTER WATERS ARE 35 CENTS NOW!? WTF!!! They're called quarter waters for a reason! So what was I to do? I haven't had a quarter water in a minute so I just couldn't pass up on this NOW rare hood gem! I pulled out a dime and gave it to the fucker but hey, you can bet your ass I savored that quarter water...excuse me...quarter+dime water! Fuck it, atleast they're back.