Friday, October 16, 2009

Boban Rajovic inspires new Serbian video game villain?

Who is Zoran Lazarevic?

Lazarevic is a rogue paramilitary leader and fugitive war criminal, notorious for committing unspeakable massacres and atrocities. Believed to have been killed in a bombing raid, Lazarevic survived (though he bears the scars of the attack), and now operates in the shadows as the leader of a secret terrorist society. Ice-cold and relentlessly ambitious, Lazarevic is an imposing figure with a ruthless intensity and a dark magnetism that's both terrifying and hypnotic.

I see some similarities, shout to Boban though we made a hit but damn homie you coulda thrown up the 3 fingers...the game is uncharted 2 for all the asians reading this