Friday, October 2, 2009

How to Become More Western: A Guide for Serbs

I know I said I'll stay out of politics but after a French soccer fan dying in Serbia became world news I couldn't keep quiet. Aside the expected hypocrisy from the British and American media the most absurd reaction has been within Serbia itself. There have been candle light vigils in the main square in Belgrade, rallies by political parties, an official day of sorrow and numerous memorials which amount to a week of mourning throughout Serbia, all for this young french soccer fan who died of his injuries from an apparent attack by hooligans.

I have some news for people in Serbia: 1000s of people get killed in foreign countries every single fucking day and not one of them gets a national week of sorrow! The Serbian government and some elements of the public have turned into brain-washed, self-hating, shells of human beings with no sense of pride or self. This attack has nothing to do with Serbia as a country, if anything France with it's global empire achieved through violence is far more belligerent than Serbia could be. This is one isolated incident out of MILLIONS which happen EVERY DAY all over the world.

I live in the West and I can tell you not having any pride won't make you anymore "western" or "democratic." You think the EU is in need of lazy, spineless, retards waiting for welfare checks? Why not spend time making the country something to be proud of instead of spitting on it and trying to leave at every chance.

To review kids: less 4 hour coffee breaks and gay parades and more hard work and ambition will improve the standard of living faster than any puppet president or ass-kissing rally. That being said, RIP to Brice Taton and all the babies incinerated to death by French bombs which fell on Serbia so Kosovo could be annexed to house a Nato base.