Monday, November 23, 2009

100th Post: Special Investigation - aSmallWorld

first of all I would like to thank everyone for following us here on offspringofmamasbeauty as we continue you to give you original content and insightful commentary on interesting current events. for the 100th blog post I've decided to do a special investigative report on the elitist social networking site aSmallWorld

I gave you the wiki link for good reason, 99.9% of you won't be to access the actual site because of its snobby invitation only policy. Funded by the very punchable Erik Wachtmeister (pictured above) the site is basically the facebook for the offspring of european old money families. The membership is almost exclusively white and arabic and you'll be hard pressed to find any people who actually do anything besides live off their parents dividends and take vacations to st. lucia.

There is also some ridiculous rules: for example if you send 3 friend requests they call "connections" and are denied (because the little brat was gone off Louis XIII and can't remember they met you at the last white party) you'll be exiled to some strange bullshit place called "aBigWorld." Also if their background check on you comes back negative you won't be allowed to invite any of your friends. Therefore 60% of the people on this gay site have either 1 or 2 friends.

The forums are basically filled with young arabs whose only claim to being there is the fact dinosaurs died under their mud hut 30 million years ago and turned into fossil fuels or hook-nosed jews who (you can tell by their inbred pictures) were clearly born into money.
They discuss such mindless bullshit as "vertu's being tacky" and "romanian women" (don't ask?!).

Some of the forums are about investments and you basically have some retard offering to invest $100 000 to whoever comes up with the best business plan. The misled philistines who are clearly budget ballers then proceed to post their lives and dreams (and business plans) on a public fucking forum!!! I confronted one of these shadowy investors in the picture above. For my revolutionary ways I was banned from sending messages by the tyrannical ruler of this monkey website, the aforementioned erik.

I was also surprised that very few models, athletes or even singers were on this cyber circus. There is even fewer serbs! Ivana korab somehow snuck on and there was a few karic's (jelena hasnt logged on in years so she gets a pass). I plan to delete the account as soon as i hustle the fuck out of someone and send erik a few more messages of reason. Before being invited to this site i was centrist-conservative I now leave a hardcore socialist. Viva La Revolución!