Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gay russian model racist against Serbs?

If there's 2 things I hate it's male models and Serb-haters, Vadim Rudik is both. After asking my friend where she was from, without any sort of provocation beforehand, he told her "Serbs are the gypsies of the Balkans." In an open letter to Vadim I attempt to clear some things up for him:

Dear Faggot,

The Serbian empire at its peak encompassed the entire Balkans all the way to what is modern day Istanbul. Serbia continues to the be the largest Balkan state in both territory and population despite overcoming 3 recent wars. Serbs have contributed greatly to world culture and innovation culminating with Nikola Tesla's ingenuity in the field of electricity. To simplify things for your mail-order bride ukrainian brain, if it wasn't for Serbs it would be impossible for you to post your flaming pictures on the internet. To further elaborate on your ridicoulous misconception, we are a south slavic people that are tolerant to all ethnic groups within our borders, including the Roma minority.

Serbia aside, I feel compelled to inform you that as an anorexic catamite male model, in 2009 on planet earth you're not very high on any food chain. I'm only assuming you're male because my friend referred to you as "he" but after looking at a few of your pictures I've yet to determine what your gender is. The homosexual niche circles in which your arrogant, racist attitude is tolerated remain very few and far between and I assure you 99.9% of people see you as a gay caricature.

As consequence to your unprovked transgression against my country you will write a 5000 word report on the history of Serbia and a 8000 word report on how homosexuality contributes to the HIV epidemic in Russia. This, along with an apology to my friend are due on December 1, 2009. Should you for any reason fail to deliver on my requests, you're racist remarks will be leaked to the media and the schedule for your up coming runway shows will be given to Serbian right-wing nationalist groups who have an unfavorable reputation in dealing with your "kind."

- F.Filipi

Anyone wishing to further educate Vadim on Serbia please contact him/her on Facebook:

If you would like to help me clarify his gender please google "Vadim Rudik" and let me know if he is either male or female so I may address him accordingly