Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ghost Ridin the Yugo

It's a sad day when there's nothing better to be nostalgic about than the worse car of all time. One day the Balkans will be great again. Probably not, but maybe.

There have been several conversations that have gone something like this:

Filip Filipi: Yo man, I'm gonna buy a Bugatti Veyron one day.
Myself: You won't know how to drive it. What's the point of a car that fast if you can never drive it at that speed?
Filip Filipi: Who said I was going to drive it fast? The whole point is for people to see me inside of it.

At some point I usually make reference to him driving a Yugo for the rest of his life and remind him if he ever did get a Buggati he would end driving it like an asshole and I'd have to call him Scott Storch for the rest of his life. He tried to tell me they don't make Yugo's anymore. Well I did a little research and it turns out they are actually working on a prototype for the Next Generation Yugo. Like the country, it comes with all the same problems but now you only get a portion of it.

Lesson here kids is: it's not about what you're ridin, but how good you look riding it. Just ask this guy.