Sunday, December 13, 2009

The last Yugoslavia team

so i was looking up videos on the last Yugoslavian team which finished on top of their 1992 Euro qualifying group and i found these great videos:

also what caught my eye was in the comments section of one of them some guy posted what the yugoslavian roster would of looked like right now had the country remained together:

sastav po vrijednosti:
GOLMANI: handanovic 7,0 miliona €, pletikosa 6,3
LIJEVI BEK.: pranjic 8,0, lukovic 4,5
CENTAR BEK: vidic 31,5, papac 4,5,
simunic 9,0, subotic 6,5
DESNI BEK: corluka 11,5, ivanovic 7,5;
LIJEVO KRILO: stankovic 14,0
misimovic 9,0
CENTAR modric 17,0, srna 13,5
DESNO KRILO: krasic 12,5, kranjcar 9,5
L. NAPAD: olic 12,0
petric 11,0
S. NAPAD: vucinic 15,0, dzeko 10,0
D. NAPAD: pandev 18,0,
(eduardo 11,0) sulejmani 8,5

props to LjuSta1117