Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canadians: Most Tolerant People on Earth

story goes like this...back in high school (in my wigger days) Russia just defeated Canada in a hotly contested gold medal game of either the hockey world championships or Olympics...i didn't watch it nor did i give a fuck but to be cool and a rebel i wore the Russian national team jersey to school the next day...i can still remember the look on my friends' faces when they saw me, their jaws dropped and there was an awkward moment of silence for a few seconds until one of them said "they deserved to win, they played better" and soon pretty much the whole group of 5 or 6 agreed...i didn't feel any holding back of anger either the shocked look was more of a 'where-did-he-get-that-jersey' type of thing...also keep in mind these weren't immigrant kids, these were all 5th or 6th generation Canadians...for the rest of the day i didn't receive one negative comment regarding my clearly provocative jersey....THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!! IN MY NATIVE LAND OF SERBIA I WOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED 99 TIMES OVER...Canadian society is truly the epitome of tolerance and i will be cheering for them this time should they meet my Russian cousins

PS i sold the jersey on ebay as soon as Russia pulled out of Kosovo (fuckboys!)