Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy March 8th

aka International Women's Day

i think today would be appropriate for me to bring up an idea i had - i think Serbia (and the rest of the world) should pass a law under which the child gets the mothers last name...its a good way to correct the historical discrimination against women and reward them for carrying the baby for 9 months (it would also save a lot of baby girls in china from getting thrown into rivers)... the native americans, ancient egyptians and JEWS all do it...jews have the highest iq on average so its a safe bet to do as they do (unless it involves hating on Jesus)...all spanish and portugese speaking countries use both parents last names and even include the grandparents surnames (from both sides)...

i was also gonna suggest to let women keep their last name HOWEVER after some reading i realized in most cultures from persian to italian to korean to arab - they already do keep it!..since i like to be original and Filipi sounds so cool - women should take their husbands name but the offspring should get her maiden family name!

who agrees with me??