Monday, March 1, 2010

New Gear Boycott

i've decided i won't be buying any new clothes indefinitely and for at least a few has nothing to do with style these days, anyone can go on hypebeast and buy the entire new collection of whatever the fuck they posted...there's no creativity and the entire aura regarding style has turned feminine, hipster and gay...for instance the whole idea that it's not cool to wear something twice stemmed from spoiled women not wearing the same dress twice to social functions -- in 2010 this stupidity has expanded to include irreverent up and coming 'musicians' and 'artists' and not even necessarily major social functions/concerts but insignificant photo shoots, appearances, etc...people who spend ridiculous (japanese) amounts on their wardrobe are clearly making up for being retarded in other areas, when you look up great figures in history under none of them does it say 'sharp dresser'...feel free to insert your 'recession has reached filip' joke but this has nothing to do with that, i'm just at the point in my life where i'd trade all my kicks, watches, chains and glasses for knowing another language(for example)...i also want to be more real with my fans and honestly i realized that checking mishka, modern amusement, alexandre herchcovitch, etc for new shit daily was shallow and unlike will catch me rocking my favorite sweater numerous times and now you know why! gear boycott 2010 starting now...over and out