Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 NBA Playoff Predictions Contest!

The rules are simple: contestants post their predictions for each round of the NBA playoffs and the winners with the most accurate predictions receive a Design & Origin Of Stars gift pack. In case there is need for a tie break it will be decided by how many games it took the team you predicted will go through to win the series. Post your predictions in the format below in the comments section:

L.A. Lakers vs. Oklahoma City - L.A. Lakers 4-3
Dallas vs. San Antonio - Dallas 4-2
Phoenix vs. Portland - Phoenix 4-1
Denver vs. Utah - Denver 4-1

Cleveland vs. Chicago - Cleveland 4-0
Orlando vs. Charlotte - Orlando 4-2
Atlanta vs. Milwaukee - Atlanta 4-3
Boston vs. Miami - Boston 4-1

The deadline to submit your predictions for the first round is 3:00PM (ET) Sat April 17