Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Questions with Rastko Pocésta

Rastko Pocésta, fresh off his controversial interviews with the BBC and CNN where he advocates closer ties between Serbia and the European Union and Nato, stops by to answer some questions. The 12 year old boy genius has already authored a short history of US presidents and has blogged extensively on political affairs both domestic and foreign. We discuss everything from Barak Obama to Milan Stankovic. Pay attention you might learn something!

You mention you're a staunch supporter of Barack Obama, a self described 'outsider' as a youth who rose to become president of the most powerful country on earth. Taking into account your unpopular views and fearless ambition, do you see yourself as a 'Serbian Obama'?

Of course not, as I am not in charge in this country. I just agree with the Barack's policies and support him most sincerely in reforming the health care and the Wall street.

What do you say to the parents of children incinerated by Nato bombs which showered Serbia during their illegal air strikes in 99'. How do you justify Serbia joining Nato to them?

Guilty for those horrible events are individuals (pilots), and not the entire NATO, but we agree that NATO is responsible for those crimes. However, we must forgive, but never forget. We will be remembering them, but we will look forward, at the future and join North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Of course, we need to stop politicians from manipulating with those victims, as it is regulary did by the domestic scum. Joining NATO is for the sake of the entire nation, of the Republic of Serbia.

May 4th marks the 30th anniversary of Marshall Josip Broz Tito's death. What are your thought on him and what role do you think his policies played in the break up of Yugoslavia?

Well, president Tito was an internationalist, which I respect, but I condemn removal of any political rights for the non - communists in SFRY. The fact is that Tito's death marks beginning of the end of Yugoslavia.

Are you doing all this to impress Rita Ora, the sexy Kosovo Albanian vixen in Drake's 'Over' video? Because I already hit and she wasn't that great.

I didn't even saw the video.

Your idols Che Guevara and Fidel Castro infamously deported seventeen hundred “incorrigible homosexuals” from Cuba to the United States in 1980. What would you do with Milan Stankovic?

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro are far from my idols, I consider both criminals and not the real socialists: a real socialist i an internationalist, too, while Castro & Che Guevara self - isolated the nation of Cuba. I respect and support gay rights, just along with the same - sex marriage: it cannot affect me in any way, but it can make someone happy.