Monday, April 12, 2010


Aleksandra Mitrovic (28), a girl from Belgrade who beat half-life battle with severe kidney disease, time slowly running out. In order to continue to live her urgently need money for kidney transplantation.

She was only 11.5 years old when her kidneys cancel it changed all of her childhood and with it the life. She sang in the choir, played keyboards and a very talented she was dancing in the CAS Abrašević. Suddenly a song and dance replace the drugs, needles and hospitals and the device that is connected to every other day for 4 hours. Inadequate treatment, doctors have destroyed her hearing. 1997th year made her a kidney transplant (his father was the donor), but due to poor compatibility of the kidney was canceled after one year. Every other day he went on dialysis and has the ability to separate from Belgrade, that like all her peers went to the sea or mountains. Her brother was also on dialysis, after him 12 years ago cancel kidneys during his visit to Kosovo within the Serbian Army.

Sandra is a great fighter. It is very brave and persistent. Her greatest dream is to get a new kidney and to restore hearing. It is not allowed to beat the disease and lead a very active life. She played, played, did special effects for movies, ... Until a few months when her condition worsened considerably. After 15 years on dialysis mukotrpnih her condition deteriorated so much that she urgently needed a kidney transplant to continue to live.

"Since June, I almost always on the MMA. In June, we canceled vascular access for dialysis, after which I was hospitalized. Built me a femoral catheter. In August, we performed transplantation of veins from the legs to the left arm. Two months after the attempted use of the same thing did not work after which the same immediately canceled. From then until now has been replaced by 2 and 2 hičmanova femoral catheter. This is now my last. I have no longer any place for temporary access (such as these catheters) approaches the constant ao is no longer something to be said. I have no more veins. So, unfortunately, I would say better news, but, while the catheter is living too. When he has not worked will not be able to survive. The only possibility for me to survive is indeed alarming EMERGENCY AID, which we need! And it is in England or transplants, or in France or will not hold out much longer, the third no - we said Alexander, who spent more time in hospital than at home.

I would like to say better things but now - says Alexander - the only nice thing is that I continue to fight and hope!

Alexandra and her parents it is impossible to find additional 80,000 euros missing. Her father Zvonimir is retired, and Gretel's mother was left without a job. Her only hope is to help good people.

Accounts for the help!

Banca Intesa
Bank account number 908-16001-87
Bank account (with reference number):
Dinar account
(With reference number):
51-102-0000356 / 8

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