Sunday, May 23, 2010

If I don't marry a Serbian girl it will be due to one of these 5 reasons

5. voices... once they hit 16 they start to sound like they're 50...all the singers have it too it's feminine but in some sort of deep mature way...serbian music videos are best watched on mute

4. they cant dance...i've had one serbian girl tell me she dances like a "white girl" NO YOU DONT, at least american white girls had 500 years to learn something from the black girls you on the other hand dance like a "serbian girl" and need to stick to the kolo

3. sub matter how hard they try to be slutty or pose or fake tan they'll simply never be as hot as south american girls

2. weirdos...they can't have male friends who aren't their boyfriend...soon as you deny them romantically you'll never hear from them again

1. Andi Muise... isn't serbian