Saturday, May 29, 2010

Suns - Lakers Recep

great series...i haven't been into a series this much since the old Sacramento Kings teams...the lakers are the perfect villains with kobe being the central antagonist...this lakers team reminds me a lot of the late 90s bulls (i didnt like them either) and kobe is mj...however from a fan perspective i think the suns are much more likable and i hope they dont try to break this team up...keep amare and bring in one more piece (A REBOUNDER!!!!)...steve kerr i know you're reading this - DO NOT TINKER WITH THE BENCH!..goran dragic showed he's a star in the making and the suns will be in good hands once nash - vujacic and dragic are both Serbian (slovenians are a soft race that would never get into fights on tv)

again outstanding series - the suns made me interested in the nba again and i look forward to watching the lakers lose to the celtics in the finals (again) :)