Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to do with LeBron

first i just want to say i never saw a team give up like the cavs did at the end of the boston game without fouling rondo (who shoots 15% ft) or trying to put up quick 3s...anyway Lebron had 7 seasons to win in cleveland and only made it to the finals once (where they got swept)so it's time to move on for both parties...the cavs couldnt find him a supporting cast good enough which was roughly around his age so they could grow together like the bulls put around jordan...on the other hand the roster has always been pretty deep and he didnt carry them...BEST SCENARIO for everyone: do a sign and trade to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for brook lopez and the soon to be first overall pick john wall (assuming they get it) cavs will have a top center and pg for the next 15 years and lebron can start over in the capital of the world - nyc with his friend and co-owner jay-z the camel