Monday, June 28, 2010

Fuck the Queen, Stay out of Canada

But for those who wish to do so, Sassine has a few tips:

—To curtsy to the Queen, for example, women should place the right foot behind the left heel, bend the knees slightly, keep eye contact and say "Your Majesty."

— Men who bow to the Duke of Edinburgh, for example, should make a slight nod of the head and say "Your Royal Highness," followed by "sir" for the remainder of the conversation.

It's also possible the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh will extend their hand for a gentle touch during their stops in Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg. FULL STORY

the queen is coming to canada and some people are getting a little too excited...what the fuck has she done to earn this sort of respect? fuck the queen and fuck the british monarchy...and fuck canada for making this a big deal, start acting more like a independent country and not a colony