Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top 5 Cities outside of Serbia with hottest Serbian girls

1. Portland (Maine) - small community but all the girls are gorgeous and the guys are super lame so there's no competition
2. Ottawa - it's unfortunate a lot of them speak french (high placement has nothing to do with you Tijana, you trick)
3. Toronto - no dimes but a lot of 8s and they all listen to me so it works (Kacha your a 9.5, sorry)
4. Sydney - hot but very dumb and the Mary Poppins accent doesn't help
5. Miami - it's all models there for work who are humbled by the local Hispanic girls but it still makes the top 5 (barely)

Bonus: Top 5 Ugliest

1. Chicago - 1 hot girl per 10 000 = 8 hot Serbian girls in the entire city!
2. New York - just horrible, but they are thick though
3. Los Angeles - weird scene, a lot of them look like trannies
4. Frankfurt - it would be number 1 if it wasn't for the Ucur family who saves this city of 3rd generation villagers
5. Vienna - female versions of the Gotti fags (scary language doesn't help)