Sunday, July 4, 2010

Best Fan Letter I Ever Got

Hi Sin or Filip Filipi

I like your sound but I give you a good advice.

Read the biography of some rappers like 50 Cent or Eminem and then you
should know more about how to become a very succesful rapper. However
the book: The Secret is a perfect book to start and it is even
availaible on serbian.
Another advice is you should go more often to the gym and exercise
because people like muscle guys who can rap and regular exercising is
good for your body and mind and your mind is your most important
weapon in rap. Think about that.

If you read the book the Secret you should now about that but I tell
you now. Use creative visualisation if you want to become a very
famous rapper.

Dwight Howard did it, Eminem did it, 50 cent does it and even more famous guys

Kind regards and pozdrav from Switzerland

Milan Simikic