Friday, July 9, 2010

Roy Krishna

so im playing FIFA and i wanna mix it up a little so i do the world cup qualifying through the oceania confederation and i pick the shittiest team i can find - FIJI

anyway im playin a few games and i see this dude Krishna is fast as hell and is basically outpacing muthafuckers, scoring goals...this is a cheap $2.99 iphone game so im thinking clearly EA sports made a mistake making some random Fijian fucker this fast, however a lot of the Serbian players were very accurate (zigic sucks, kuzmanovic gets red cards) so i decide to check it out...Roy Krishna turns out has drawn interest from PSV, Leeds and Newcastle and actually is fast as hell in real life too, you can read more about him here

if anyone knows anyone at zvezda tell them to sign this kid! we need a Fijian!

ps - if you're wondering i made the world cup with Fiji but couldnt advance past the group stage, losing to Spain and drawing Colombia and Bosnia :(