Sunday, October 24, 2010

FIFA 11 vs. PES 2011 (For iPhone)

I'm not much of a video game guy but one game I've been into forever (or since '98 road to the world cup') is FIFA. As some of you may know in recent years Pro Evolution Soccer has surpassed the staple soccer franchise with far superior game play. I don't have a video game console nor do I play games on my PC so I was pleasantly surprised that the iPhone has in recent times started to offer high quality games.

Last year PES was far superior to FIFA in game play but I heard FIFA made a giant leap with the '11 version so I was eager to test them for myself and here is what I found:

FIFA absolutely massacred PES at everything besides failing to offer Champions League and UEFA Cup competition modes. FIFA 11 has the best and most realistic game play of any soccer game ever made. The graphics are probably the best ever as well. Every single team and player from nearly every league in the world is officially licensed, so you have the real player names, jerseys, sponsors, etc. FIFA dominates PES in every aspect to the point the other one isn't even worth testing out. As a matter of fact if FIFA adds the following it will have the perfect game:
- add every international team like they have for World Cup versions
- add UEFA, Champions League and international cup modes
- add more club teams which aren't in any of the main leagues (Partizan, Red Star Belgrade)
- add a few classic club teams like they had in earlier versions
- add a GM mode for iPhone

The game play itself is flawless besides the fact too many hand ball violations are called and scoring from free kicks is far too difficult (I was 1 for 100 with Pirlo in practice mode). If FIFA adds these changes it will have the perfect game! Until then FIFA 11 for iPhone is definitely worth the $4.99 for those long train rides!