Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marty says he doesn’t fear for his life

Council of Europe’s Dick Marty says that he does not fear for his life after publishing a report in which he details Kosovo Albanian organ trafficking led by the newly elected Albanian separatist Hashim Thaci.

Marty told media in Russia that he does not fear for his life.

Answering to a reporter as to whether he fears assault by Kosovo Albanians after he designated their chief leader, Hashim Thaci, a mafia boss involved in organ trade and other organized crime, Marty answered that he does not.

Marty was in Russia to talk about relations between Russia and Georgia.

Prior to visiting Russia, Marty told the Swiss weekly, Sonntag, that Kosovo cannot build its future without confronting its past, and that his report is not against Kosovo, but for it, especially for those of its people who want to live in a well organized society.

US State Department said that extraction of organs out of Serbs is unimportant and Washington will continue to cooperate with Thaci irrespective of his involvement in that crime.

EU mission to Kosovo has asked Marty to provide evidence to them.

Former war crimes prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, complained that the international authorities in Kosovo were deliberately stalling her requests for information on the Albanian organized crime activities.

December 21, 2010