Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 Hottest & Ugliest Countries


1. Brazil - you wouldn't think so by Adriana's funny looking nose in the picture above but she still looks like a hot chipmunk, 2 attractive cultures merging = Brazil (the exact opposite happened in Mexico)
2. Venezuela - should be #1 but I'm too lazy to change it
3. Afghanistan - best kept secret in the world, the Taliban make them wear Burkas because they don't like to share
4. Iran - nose job capital of the
5. Armenia - a country full of Kardashians
6. Czech Republic - or Slovakia, I had to include a Slavic representative
7. India - some actress I saw in a random movie I watched a few years back convinced me to include Hindia
8. French Polynesia - not to be confused with actual French women, I'm talking about Pacific Islanders here (but not the fat ones)
9. Russia - overrated, barely made the list
10. Iceland - blue eyes + black hair = exotic


1. England - unspeakably hideous, if a English woman is attractive, she must be mixed
2. Turkey - the main reason they want to join Europe is to obtain attractive genes, criminally ugly
3. Mexico - explorers who were banished from Spain for being too ugly mixed with the ugliest Indian tribe and bam! Mexico!
4. Italy - they dress so well to distract you from their ugliness
5. China - Zhang Ziyi is a notable exception (i love her)
6. Albania - not necessarily ugly, just unappealing to me personally
7. Germany - scary and unpleasant, just like their language
8. Saudi Arabia - they should keep their Burkas on
9. Nepal - they should be exiled to the top of Mount Everest
10. South Africa - Zulus, Dutch, British = ugly x 3!

*list is based strictly on physical appearance (which I don't find that important), if it was a list of overall characteristics Serbia would be #1 by far

**list is based on women, to me Drake looks like he has a chromosome missing and Viktor Troicki looks like a Beluga yet apparently women find them attractive, so I didn't even go there however logic says since they all have the same genes this list could paint a fairly accurate overall picture of the hottest and ugliest countries