Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WikiLeaks on Serbia

nothing too groundbreaking yet but here are 2 leaks i found interesting:

"[Elysee Diplomatic Advisor Jean-David] Levitte also criticized Serbian FM Jeremic, saying that he is doing nothing to encourage Serb return or participation in Kosovo’s government. Levitte noted that Jeremic “makes big promises” every time he comes to France, but doesn’t follow through. Levitte no longer meets with him and does not consider him to be the “modern face of Belgrade” that he purports to be."

"Guido Westerwelle also spoke against any type of automatic decision in favor of membership for Turkey. There was also general agreement that the EU is not ready for new members at this time beyond Croatia"

there you have it, even tadic's government isn't quisling enough for america and on top of that we have no chance of getting in the EU...i hope tadic had fun at the gay parade