Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diddy is a serial swagger jacker

- the beat sounds like kanye's "all of the lights"
- the video looks like kanye's "can't tell me nothing"
- the hook sounds like BOB's "airplanes"

he's even saying the "put your hands high" in that gay kanye voice and this homo is rockin skinny jeans, at least his gay dance moves are 100% him tho!...puff - remember in 97 when you set trends?

Tough Guy

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WikiLeaks confirms what many have suspected: Slovenia is a Prostitute

US State Department version of “Let’s Make a Deal for the Guantánamo Bay Prisoners rehabilitation with small inlanders nations like with Slovenia which was offered meeting with President Obama if it resettle one Guantánamo Bay Prisoners. FULL STORY

Canada, Fuck Yeah!

You Don't Own Me - RZA

Friday, November 26, 2010

Crazy Treehouse

Underwater Resort

This is the Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji. It’s located 40 ft under the water. Link

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Indictment draft against Ceca

Ražnatović and her sister are suspected of illegally appropriating over four million then German marks, and around USD 3.5mn, from transfers of Belgrade's FK Obilić football players to foreign clubs.

The two, according to the document obtained by B92, transferred the money to their private accounts instead of transferring it to the club account.

At the time of the alleged criminal dealings, Svetlana Ražnatović was the president, and Lidija Veličković secretary of FK Obilić.

According to a B92 source, Svetlana Ražnatović has political protection and is preparing for her December tour of Australia. FULL STORY

this isnt good if you're waiting on her to finish your duet or bought tickets to her australia show

TOXIC: Garbage Island

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homemade Spacecraft

Investigation of a Internet Hater: Vladimir Lakic

Note I: A psychologist looked over Vladimir's writing and photographs and estimated he has a IQ of "below 20" indicating "profound mental retardation." However, he was "legally sane" and had the intent to insult others with his posts therefore I believe my investigation is ethical.

Note II: All words deemed too "complicated" for Vladimir are linked to their dictionary definitions.


The internet has become a wonderful tool for spreading music, ideas and art to the masses with relative ease. However, with this great tool came unfiltered commentary by unqualified individuals who are free to post their baseless opinions and mistruths in anonymity without fear of consequence. Part of being a public figure is understanding that criticism is a part of the job and my team and I have a general policy of not acknowledging nor paying attention to haters. However, to help better market and develop my new CD I decided to gather information on and better understand a typical hater. In recent times I have come across a particularly obsessive hater by the name of Vladimir Lukic. The "aspiring rapper" has flooded the comment box of hundreds 0f sites that ran stories on me. He is easily identified by his poor grammar and ridiculous claims that I'm a "ustasa" and "albanac." What distinguished him from other haters was his compulsiveness and vigor which led him to be banned (under numerous usernames) from all my sites. His stalkerish tendencies escalated to messaging my friends and violating their vision and hearing by sending them links to his likeness and "music".

Due to these reasons I decided he would be the perfect specimen for my investigation on what makes a hater, a hater.

Who is Vladimir Lakic?

After some investigative work and background information I uncovered the rather shocking truth that the ultra-clerical Vladimir was actually raised by a same-sex couple. His father Branko married Dejan Lukic in a same-sex wedding ceremony in Connecticut in 2008. They are registered as being in a "same-sex civil union" in the state of Nevada. They are registered as living together at 4467 Bramblewood St Las Vegas, NV 89147.

In his autobiography Vladimir writes (in a weird mixture of second and first person) he was born in the (Muslim stronghold of) Zenica, Bosnia in 1989. This surprised me because due to his grammar and pictures I approximated him to be about 10 years ago. (Side Note: Research should be conducted into the possibly that being raised by same-sex parents stunts growth and handicaps maturity). It's also interesting to note on his MySpace page his hometown is listed as Krusevac, Serbia, which seems to indicate a inferiority complex and self-hating personality.

He continues; "I wasnt lookin for toys to play with i was lookin for a peace a bread cuz i was hungry." Due to readily available gay sex toys his father Branko had left lying around house, it is quite possible that Vladimir has subconsciously blocked out parts of his memory pertaining to his experiences with these toys.

He is "still waitin for hes big break i really belive i can be next big thing and get dat opprtunity" and is "good friend of ludacris signed to same label DTP willy northpole." These statements indicate in addition to being illiterate he is also delusional and a pathological liar. In the 5 years I have been in the music industry I have never come across anyone more horrendously atrocious and deprived of even the slightest drop of talent. His material should used to torture inmates in Guantanamo Bay or as an euthanasia agent to make people want to commit suicide and escape his punishingly retarded Boratesque voice.

However, because my opinion was biased due to him having insulted me, I sent his music to individuals who would be impartial and are players in the music industry. Among the recipients of Vladimir's audio venom were Ant Rich (Jive Records), Jay Gatzby (Bad Boy Records) and Laurie Dobbins (Violator Management). I knew I was sending absolute and indisputable trash which would risk my relationship with them but I was set on helping this unfortunate young man realize the product he was spewing was harmful to people's hearing. The responses I got ranged from "is this a joke?" to "never email me again" but all confirmed the reality that Vladimir Lakic is out of his villager mind in thinking his CDs will serve as anything other than coasters for cheap beer.


Prior to this investigation I tried to reason with Vladimir and offered to prove to him and provide evidence that I'm neither a Ustasa nor an Albanian. However the condition for me spending all this time and effort on a random hater was the understanding that should his accusations be disproved, he would perform fellatio on a local male prostitute. Vladimir refused and this showed to me he wasn't ready to "put his money where his month is" and didn't believe his own lies. The real reason for his quarrel with me stemmed from me ignoring his 100+ tweets and emails for a collaboration.

Vladimir - I'm not doing this because you're a retarded, ugly, delusional, sheep-fucking seljacina faggot , you can't help any of those things. I'm doing this because your jealousy has fueled you to spend days insulting and spreading lies about a complete stranger for absolutely no reason. It's ironic that a fat, inbred fuck from Bosnia would accuse me, who had 4 relatives killed at Jasenovac and whose grandmother is from Podujevo, of being a "ustasa" or "siptar." I studied ethnography and I'll pay for a genetic DNA test to prove that you're either a Vlach or Thracian whose faggot ancestors were raped by the Turks until that square, Quasimodo-looking face became the dominant physical trait in your queer family. I'm embarrassed that you tell people you're Serbian. You wanted my attention and now you have it: Fuck you, fuck everyone in your genealogical tree from your 2 faggot fathers (hahaha) to your hideous, artificially-inseminated whore of a mother, and all the way back to you, you fuckin jester. There's a bridge over Las Vegas Bay 15 miles from your townhouse, when you finally realize it's time to jump off let me know and I'll pay for a cab to come pick you up and take you there.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have the typical internet hater of the 21st century: Vladimir Lakic

Monday, November 22, 2010

Quote of the Week

Us: Kanye West is similar to you in that he’s the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade….

Quincy Jones: How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He’s just a rapper. There’s no comparison. I’m not putting him down or making a judgment or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don’t rap. It’s not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It’s totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It’s a whole different mindset. No comparison. None.
via US Magazine

Graeme Taylor: Flamer

so this little fruitcake was on ellen today being treated like a hero and encouraged by the audience and by ellen to be openly gay at 13 years old!!! am i the only one who thinks this is fucked up?

Brilliant Cover

jazzcats - crossing the hudson


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blue & Gray

Lepa Brena - Jugoslovenka (Hajde da se volimo 2)

It's in Germany...that's why it's weird

Quote of the Week

"It is raising the bar of creativity in terms of marketing your music. But as far as artistic creativity, I’m not too sure, one can argue that all of this extra time spent online is taking away from rehearsal & recording time, when artists can feed their artistic creativity."

- Dave Cool

Black Amber Rose

World's Most Unique Places To Visit


20 Things I've Learned From Traveling Around the World for Three Years

On March 13, 2007, I handed over the keys to my house, put my possessions in storage and headed out to travel around the world with nothing but a backpack, my laptop and a camera.

Three and a half years and 70 countries later, I've gotten the equivalent of a Ph.D in general knowledge about the people and places of Planet Earth.

Here are some of the things I've learned: READ HERE

Funny Bruins commercial

Friday, November 19, 2010

Taj Lake Palace

It was built in 1743[1]- 1746[2] under the direction of the Maharana Jagat Singh II (62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar) of Udaipur, Rajasthan as a royal summer palace and was initially called Jagniwas or Jan Niwas after its founder[1]. The Maharana, ruler of Jaipur from 1628 to 1654, was very friendly with Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and encouraged his craftsmen to copy some of the glories of his incomparable buildings at Agra. The palace was constructed facing east, allowing its inhabitants to pray to the Sun god at the crack of dawn[3]. The successive rulers used this cool haven as their summer resort, holding their regal durbars in its courtyards lined with columns, pillared terraces, fountains and gardens[1]. READ MORE

Shy FX - Raver Feat Kano, Donaeo & Roses Gabor ( MistaJam Radio Rip )

NBA Love Triangle

Eva Longoria didn’t get mad at Tony Parker, she got even. At least if you believe the latest chapter in their split saga that’s making the rounds today. We know the pair agreed to divorce after Eva discovered intimate text messages on her husbands phone that were sent by Erin Barry, the wife of fellow San Antonio’s Spur Brent Barry. FULL STORY

Bon Iver - Woods (studio version)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Biggie Smalls & Puff Daddy - Victory

No one gives a fuck about Prince William

fuck (the balding) prince william and his ugly fiance, NO ONE CARES...all monarchies in the world should be disbanded, its outdated bullshit!!!!

Willow Palin is a G!

Willow Palin is being called "homophobic" for calling a former classmate a "faggot" on facebook after he started talkin shit about her moms show...this is so fucking absurd, i guess that means 99% of america and canada are homophobic because we used that word...keep in mind she's only 16 years old!..."tre" is a faggot, and your mom's show is great!

read the full facebook exchange here

Adidas Sarajevo 84'

i need these

Dude n' Nem - Sounds Sexy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trio - Da Da Da

Let's bring back Tommy Hilfiger

Polish Jesus

biggest Jesus statue in the world completed outside some random village in poland

Ivica Dragutinovic is a fruitcake

look at this muthafucker rockin an extra small hoodie with a picture of his face on it while carrying a man purse...talkin he wanna play till he 38...FUCK OUTTA HERE!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Milos Obilic Quote

Neka od danas zna ko nije znao da Srbija nije cilim iz usaka, da Kosovo
nije svileni jastuk iz Brusa, da Srbi znaju za nesto skuplje od
glave...Srbija nije saka pirinca da je pozoba svaka vrana koju donese

- Milos Obilic, June 28, 1389

Jay Electronica - Dimethyltryptamine (Video)

*Viewer discretion advised

Above is one of my favorite songs by Jay. If you don't understand, the song is about a DMT experience, a naturally occurring potent psychedelic drug found in the body that is released when we are born, die, and dream; it's been linked to intensifying the dream experience. Basically what opens the minds third eye. I felt like posting it because for some reason I feel like this may have been how our new mixtape cover came to exist. On a more recent note, congrats to Jay Elect on finally getting signed to RocNation. Now they have the 3 dopest J's in the game haha (Z, Cole, Electronica). I've been saying it since I first heard (and saw him live) Jay Elect is the 2nd coming of hip-hop; all his stuff is heavy shit, so will the people be ready?
Earlier I spoke to Jay E. about the big news, and his plans. He said that the actual contract was signed on Saturday, after a few weeks of intense daily communication and creative courtship. How did it start? With a chance meeting at the Spotted Pig. How did Electronica know Hov was serious? His second replay email came attached with a verse. That ended up becoming the Jay Electronica and Jay-Z collaboration “Shiny Suit Theory” (featuring French chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Dream).

There’s irony in the fact Jay-Z appears on a Jay Elec song that’s based on Diddy’s description of Jay Elec. Because Diddy has been mentoring and courting Jay for over a year, in the hopes of signing him as well. Electronica insists he values everything Puff contributed and hopes to have him involved in his career, but said “Jay-Z made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. And I have the freedom I need too.”
The natural of the underground, the anti-establishment, the independent artist is rapidly changing…so I’m anxious to see what happens when Jay the conglomerate and Jay the mystic mix commerce and art.
Shouts to MissInfo on the heads up. Also, below are the lyrics of the song.

"Pigs wit the heads of men spat acid that lasered my third eye closed like lasik, a midget in a casket like a bay in a bonnet wit a bottle and a basset horn playin the theme song from children of the corn, o i must be dreamin, a lay in a night gown puffin kush screamin, signaled me ova, "psssst, u wit the waves i seen u at the catholic church steeple diggin graves, i got ur # sonny, so ain't no use of fightin, yellin or runnin from me" i never ran ma'am, "well then u ain't a clever man sam, listen, the 2 faced king from britain and rome, had a baby in a bush on the grassy nome, where they peel back the orange head peal of a lome, he said hey mc i know u like kilin em, u terrorized the skies for 25 millenniums, now you settin fire to land, u the lion, u the savior the messiah the lamb u need back up, u movin on the youth at dawn, call badhu and get tyrone on the megaphone, tellem i sent u and ya code name is megatron,if trouble comes use ur brain like a telephone, he'll take u to the chocolate city, where 2 face and the prince of darkness had a committee of snakes, drill em, let the skin peel off to reveal him, then spray em wit them rhymes u like spillin, hit em up real real good but don't kill him, we only want to burn him to the point that they willin, to giv the location of the blank face villian, who split atoms and give mushrooms to civilians, Hiroshima never recovered and all the evidence was smothered, under a thick cloud of rubble the pope as his brother, the hillsides as his mother, that statute wit the torch and still eyes is his lover she's a harlot, who stood still like time while New York turned scarlet and the Levi monster sucked up New Orleans, while they was playin man vs. man in Afghanistan wit they mind on Iran, Iraq, and Sudan, let him recruit u, he will try to use his powers to seduce you just let him think that the feeling is mutual, cuz if he found out that u already knew that adam had a positive a negative and a neutral, he'll probably salute u, then wait til u turn your back like a coward a shoot u, people this shit is crucial."

Big Sky

Monday, November 8, 2010

Filip Filipi - Life, Money and Cashmere Cover

the epic cover is finally here, i'd just like to note we've been working on this cover before kid cudi even came out...MIXTAPE COMING SOON

Tinker Hatfield Designs New Oregon Basketball Court

The man that likely designed your favorite sneaker crosses over to the hardwood, literally. Last Friday Nike and Oregon unveiled the university’s new basketball court designed by Tinker Hatfield. Kilkenny Floor takes inspiration from Matthew Knight whom the arena is named after, the Kilkenny family, and the Tall Firs, the basketball team that won a national championship for Oregon in 1939. “Deep in the Woods” uses a forest theme intended to represent Hatfield’s inspirations and give the team a unique home court advantage.
You can barely see the top of the 3 point line, I would hate to play on there...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Which song would you like to be added to the new 'greatest hits' mixtape?

We need the fans help in deciding which song to put on the last open spot on the upcoming 'greatest hits' mixtape: 'Life, Money and Cashmere'

Don Brate (Feat. Elitni Odredi)

If God Close the Gate

If I Could Go Back (Feat. Andres)

My Life


Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turk in Long Island, NY gets beaten with an American Flag

A retired NYPD cop and his sons beat a Long Island gas-station manager with American flags on Election Night, telling the Turkish immigrant to "get out of my country," authorities and witnesses said.

After he was clubbed in the face and chest and a flagpole was thrown at him, Yavuz Erdogan, 38 -- who became a citizen in March -- picked up the banner to fend off ex-cop Richard Vitale, he said.

Nassau cops stopped the battle at that point.

Vitale, sons Richard Jr. and Gregory, Christopher Makhmaltchi and Nicholas Lazarus were charged with assault. Vitale and Richard Jr. also face weapons charges -- for the flagpole.

continue here

UPC Recap of the Smoker's Club Tour + Smoke DZA Interview

Recently I got the opportunity to cover the Smoker's Club Tour show in Champaign IL. I thought I would share the footage of the show with you guys. I had to cut an hour of film to a 17 min recap, with video of performances by Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA and an exclusive interview I had with Smoke DZA. You guys can check out more at my site, Urbana Poppin' Champaign.


INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Dope short film. Must watch.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Am I the only one who finds these girls attractive?

I found these pics on my computer from like 5 years ago. These girls, I believe were in the Miss Yugoslavia pageant as it was called back then. The first one is named Sanja Vojinovic and the second one is Olga. The reason I'm posting this is no one else thinks they're hot besides me!! I saved the pics to show future generations the injustice which confused me back then (as it does today) that neither finished even in the top 10?!