Monday, January 24, 2011

Highway (Magistrala), 09:56 min trailer

Highway (Magistrala), 09:56 min trailer from Marko Popovic on Vimeo.

At the beginning there is a myth – an old graveyard was dug over to build a road and ever since people are frequently dying in car accidents on that road. The road is the Ibarska Highway, a route that connects the north to the south of Serbia.
With its histories and myths, political assassinations, fatal waitresses in restaurants where only truck drivers dare to go, provincial intellectuals, lovers’ motels, prostitutes, local singers, auto-scraps’ owners, newly self-discovered believers, tycoons, unemployed gamblers, poor neighborhoods, big dreams and lost perspectives, the Ibarska Highway is a grotesque, funny, sad, sober, true picture of Serbia today. Like the unsettled ghosts of the old graveyard took over the whole route, all the people, and all the country.
The road-movie along the Ibarska Highway is a journey to the inner worlds of so-called “small people” and a nation in transition.

props to Vera!