Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take it til You Make it.

Yo watch this

You see a news story for that hot new Kanye video and you're like that was cool.
and your like cool it had Rhianna and Cudi, Kanye was on a cop car and those effects on the words were DOPE. Kanye is so creative, he's such an ARTIST!

Is he though?
Let's unpack that video

um, first off why is Rhianna almost naked? I know that's her best skill but wasn't Kanye talking about working shit out because "she needs a Daddy"? Where does almost seeing her nipples fit in with that, or cop cars, or a little girl walking to school alone?

Thank Cudi for showing up. What would this video have been without him showing up, contributing nothing to the song but his name and looking very much like Montell Jordan tripping hard on MDMA.

Then there was Kanye. Cop cars? I guess that was relevant but you just stood on it - which I don't take to be metaphorical. I could film a video with Fil on cop cars with some strobes in an alley (no homo).

We all know the coolest part was the intro and outro though. That was creative and made his video interesting and unique. Damn that guy is cutting edge, always setting trends and all that. He's an artist for real.

or is he just a curator?