Thursday, March 17, 2011

1000th Post: Top 5 Most Read All Time

i started this blog about a year and a half ago to talk about pretty much everything besides my own music...i can't believe i'm already on the 1000th post! that's what happens when someone has too much time on their hands folks!..even though at first i didn't know how to use blogger i'm really happy with the following the blog has amassed and i'm excited about continuing to bring you #winning content...we did a slight re-design on the overall look and we're working on a re-launch with exclusive interviews, articles and more over the next week or so!...with no further adieu check below for the top 5 most read posts all time here on Offspring Of Mama's Beauty!

- Filip Filipi

1. 1997: The Year of Puff Daddy (10,901 views)

2. Why Serbs should cheer for Bosnia to make the World Cup (7,359 views)

3. Top 5 hottest Albanian Girls (5,927 views)

4. Irina Shayk > Adriana Lima (3,999 views)

5. Is Milan Stankovic gay or at the very least bisexual? (3,565 views)