Tuesday, April 5, 2011

5 Questions with Vedrana

A former Miss Serbia and current director of Fresca Viva Pty Ltd. An aspiring songstress and songwriter who is finishing her Masters degree in France. That's all in a day's work for Vedrana Grbovic who joins us to discuss everything from flying saucers to her sweet tooth for younger men.

You're finishing your Masters in France, running your own business and have a budding music career. What is Vedrana's main hustle?

I'm currently focused on finishing my masters thesis on the subject of Ethnopsychology in Political Marketing ( I may even quote you in a few places!) and then I'm continuing studies and an internship in France (International Marketing and Business Development). I'm one of those people who like to dabble in different industries because I am not the 9-5 desk job type. At the moment my main priority is finishing my studies and building up a solid professional network, but music is one of those things I always gravitate towards, so if the right opportunity comes along I'm willing to jump in and give it my all! I always tell people that the biggest regrets in life are the dreams we didn't follow because of our insecurities and cowardice. I try to live with no regrets.

A lot of people don't know you've been my go-to songwriter and ghost singer for a while now. You actually sang the ghost track for Ceca on my upcoming duet with her '500.' Describe your musical style, who influences you and what you hope to achieve with music?

It's funny because you and I had been in regular contact for several years before you sent me a beat without lyrics and said "give it a go"...as I recall it was about an hour later that you realised I actually write half-decent songs and am not tone deaf! Despite your assumption that I had a (and I quote) "Mary Poppins accent", the lady with the spoonful of sugar is surprisingly not my music idol. My musical style is extremely eclectic. I played the piano for years and was in the music program at my high school in Australia so classical music was a big part of my life. At the same time, I was dancing at a flamenco academy and travelling as a model so I developed an appreciation for a lot of foreign artists. As a Serbian who grew up in the 'diaspora', I was naturally partial to Serbian music and am pretty much a jukebox of kafana hits!
In terms of my own music, I've always said it's a form of therapy. The lyrics I write are most often inspired by my own experiences and of those close to me, while the music that compliments them says more about what I'm feeling than words ever could. In terms of what I hope to achieve, I'd love to be able to entertain people and hear that they can relate to what I do.

You engaged in a heated debate with Nenad Mijatovic about his criticism of Christianity. Explain what triggered the exchange and your personal views on religion.

I took the time to read that interview thoroughly (and there was plenty to read) and initially told myself to let it go. I'm not one of those people who wear a 'Jesus loves you' shirt and run around the city with a bible, trying to 'convert' people. Faith is a very personal thing and I believe religion is a vehicle of that faith. We may not all belong to the same denomination, but the essential beliefs of major religions revolve around being good people. With that in mind, I'm tolerant towards different religions and views on them but do occasionally get frustrated when somebody quite tactlessly insults my beliefs and my fellow Christians by implying we're not adequately educated or that we're dellusional and speaking about saints and holy figures in a crude manner. I have friends who are like Nenad, atheists, but the difference is that we don't attempt to impose our own beliefs on each other or insult each other's choices. I simply gave my opinion and said there's no need for it, especially the attitude that he has a method to disprove Christianity. My view on religion and faith is that it goes beyond the physical, logical and tangible. If a person has strong faith no debate will change that. That being said, all the best to him, I have nothing against him personally.

A few years has passed since you won Miss Serbia and I have to ask, do you still believe in time machines and flying saucers?

Haha that pageant Q&A will haunt me for the rest of my life! To put it into context, the question presented to me was regarding patents and inventions scientists claim Nikola Tesla was working on and it is documented that he was indeed designing machines for time travel and low-visibility aircrafts. I just stumbled my way through my answer because I was unbelievably nervous! Some people think I'm obsessed with conspiracy theories but I do believe a lot of his patents were stolen and studied by governments and military organisations. This includes the missile defense shields and controlled earthquake-inducing methods! (*Now I sit and wait to be whisked away by men in black suits..or white coats).

You're known to enjoy the company of younger men, my friend spotted you chatting up Serbian tennis prodigy Filip Krajinovic at the Australian Open. Which leads me to the question, am I still your favorite Filip?

I love the fact that someone told you I was chatting up this young lad (who I'm not even sure I've met) and suddenly I'm a cougar! If you must know, I was at the Australian Open in a professional capacity because my company did marketing for a tennis tournament and we have wonderful perspective talents on our books who travel the tennis circuit. I may or may not have used the time in between matches to try and find Nadal but that's only because I want to be his gypsy if I ever get around to doing a video clip! haha (PS- Shakira this doesn't mean I love you any less).