Sunday, April 10, 2011

$6 Billion BC Bud

A study released on October 4, 2006 by the University of Victoria Centre for Addictions Research of BC and Simon Fraser University Applied Research on Mental Health and Addictions indicated Cannabis use is more widespread among British Columbians than the rest of Canadians.[3]

However, a high tolerance for cannabis use in BC and an awareness of the role of it as an export cash crop (worth an estimated $6 billion annually[4]) has tended to make it difficult for Canadian or American authorities to intervene effectively. This remains a significant point of contention between the US and Canada, and is one of many US-Canada border problems driving changes to both nations' policies.[5]

Further, there is little, if any evidence that the police and the courts in British Columbia have charged persons for money laundering the multi-billion-dollar profits of BC Bud, and it is conceivable that the profiteers may now own a significant amount of British Columbia's legitimate property and businesses[6] and thus significantly influence politics at various levels in BC.[7]