Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cega se pametan stidi time se budala ponosi

I recently ran across a rather disturbing article by Marko Lopušina entitled 'Srpkinje lepotom osvajaju svet' which beside comically exaggerating the status of some Serbian models and actresses, boasted about the amount of sponzorusa Serbia is exporting. Some passages which stand out to me include: "Aleksandra (Nikolic) Meljnicenko, bivša srpska manekenka je supruga ruskog milijardera Andreja Meljnicenka, sa kojim živi usred Moskve u apartmanu vrednom 23 miliona evra. Meljnicenko i lepa Sandra drže 17. mesto na spisku najbogatijih ljudi u Rusiji i deo su svetske elite." and "Slican status ima i prelepa Ivana Berendika iz Njujorka, ciji je muž Tomas Jermoluk, za godišnjicu braka castio luksuznim putovanjem po evropskim zemljama." However the gem which probably inspired me to write my opinion was "Jelena Jakovljevic je supruga arapskog šeika Said bin Draija, koji joj je podario redak i skup prsten iz kolekcije „Hari Vinston“, kao i burmu slavnog draguljara Brusa Vinstona. Ova zanosna Srpkinja je manekenka svetskog glasa."

He seems to place a premium on beauty being exchanged for material and monetary rewards. I'm not sure what reality he lives in but in my village that's called "prostitution" not "conquering with beauty." He also claims we have an extraordinarily high number of 'misses' in various countries but reality would argue otherwise. I live in Canada and the culture here simply doesn't have an emphasis on beauty pageants. I went to high school with Riyo Mori who went on to become Miss Universe and nobody even knew she modeled. I'm not saying these girls aren't pretty but they're competing against a scarce field. Also if you looked at patterns of countries who continue to produce top models and Miss Universes, it would seem to point to countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Russia (and definitely not Serbia but I digress).

If anything this article shows Serbian culture is extremely vane and prides itself on what others would find embarrassing. Should Mr. Lopušina wish to write a sequel article I would be more than happy to direct him to some Serbian girls who beside being pretty also go to school and work to support their families. Perhaps highlighting those cases would be more helpful to a society already experiencing rapid moral depletion then writing about some quasi-model who is the 4th wife (mistress/escort) of Arab sheik. Serbia needs more Oprah Winfreys and less Anna Nicole Smiths.