Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chinese Village Constructing World’s 15th Tallest Building

From Tiexue:
“Designed in accord with a 5-star hotel standard, with a construction area of 200,000 square meters, it can accommodate more than 2000 residents, with a dining capacity of 3000, and having the largest 360 degree revolving restaurant in Asia. Inside the building contain 35 elevators, with speeds of 10 meter per second, the fastest in the world, in addition to having the world’s most advanced monitoring and fire safety equipment.”
You must be having a hard time imagining that a “socialist new village” is building this soon-to-be completed luxury tower. In Jiangyin Huaxi village, this building with height ranked number 8 in China, and number 15 in the world will be completed in June of this year.
January 3rd, the newly re-elected Huaxi village party secretary Wu Xie’en stated, this building designed with a height of 328 m and 74 floors will require an investment of RMB 2.5 billion, predicted to be operational by 2011 during the 50th anniversary of the village, by that time Huaxi will have a new landmark.
People marvel at the luxurious amenities in this building. Designed in accord with a 5-star hotel, with a construction area of 200,000 square meters, a total of 74 floors, height of 328 meters, and ranking 15th in the world by height, and 8th nationally.