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Fuck You Pay Me

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Hawks say Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins was attacked by a fan after their victory over the Orlando Magic.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the attacker was a former NBA referee, Rashan S. Michel.

Michel, who was arrested and charged with simple battery, said Wilkins owed him money, Atlanta police told the newspaper. FULL ARTICLE

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Is K'naan a Somalian Pirate?

Cancel a concert for charity and witness some of the most upset fans in concert history. I heard about K’NAAN’s no show Tuesday night at the Peace Day event, hosted by SFU student club iVOW to raise money for girls’ education in Ghana, and I logically went searching for an explanation and information about refunds. I discovered an unexpected story.
The cancellation appears to have stemmed from a failure to fulfill K’NAAN’s rider, a type of agreement that sets out what will be paid and provided for an artist to perform. According to a blog (link by Sam F. Reynolds, organizers came short $5,000 of an unknown fee to be paid to K’NAAN. FULL ARTICLE

Tyrian Purple

Understanding color is one of the keys to success in the printing industry. It also can be very interesting history.

A dictionary defines purple as “any of a group of colors with a hue between that of violet and red” and as a “symbol of royalty or high office.” Historically, the color purple has been associated with royalty and power, but the secret of its power lies in the glands of tiny shellfish creatures.

The earliest archaeological evidence for the origins of purple dyes points to the Minoan civilization in Crete, about 1900 B.C. The ancient land of Canaan (its corresponding Greek name was Phoenicia, which means “land of the purple”) was the center of the ancient purple dye industry.

“Tyrian Purple,” the purple dye of the ancients mentioned in texts dating back to about 1600 B.C., was produced from the mucus of the hypobranchial gland of various species of marine mollusks, notably Murex. It took some 12,000 shellfish to extract 1.5 grams of the pure dye. Legend credits its discovery to Herakles, or rather to his dog, whose mouth was stained purple from chewing on snails along the Levantine coast. King Phoenix received a purple-dyed robe from Herakles and decreed the rulers of Phoenicia should wear this color as a royal symbol.

Although originating in Tyre (hence the name), man's first dye chemical industry spread throughout the world.

Rome, Egypt, and Persia all used purple as the imperial standard. Purple dyes were rare and expensive; only the rich had access to them. The purple colorants used came from different sources, most from the dye extraction from fish or insects.

The imperial purple of Rome was based on mollusk from which purpura comes. Emperor Aurelian refused to let his wife buy a purpura-dyed silk garment, as it cost its weight in gold!

Insect and snail animal-based colors were mentioned in the Bible for use in textile furnishings of the Tabernacle and for the sacred vestments for the High Priest Aaron, and they also were used in King Solomon's and King Herod's temples in Jerusalem.

With the decline of the Roman Empire, the use of “Tyrian Purple” also declined, and large-scale production ceased with the fall of Constantinople in 1453 A.D. It was replaced by cheaper dyes such as lichen purple and madder.

Pope Paul II in 1464 introduced the so-called “Cardinal's Purple,” which was really scarlet extracted from the Kermes insect. This became the first luxury dye of the Middle Ages.

Dyes were exported extensively from Central and South America during Spain's exploration of North and South America. Among these were Cochineal from Mexico and Peru.

The chemical birth of the synthetic dye industry can be traced to the discovery of an aniline-based purple dye, mauveine, by William H. Perkin in 1856, who accomplished this while searching for a cure for malaria. Perkin was an English chemist who changed the world of his time by making this purple color available to the masses. It became quite fashionable to wear clothing dyed with “mauve,” and Mr. Perkin became a very wealthy man.

In 1909 Paul Friedlander determined the major chemical composition of Murex dye as 6,6'-dibromoindigo.

Today, genuine “Tyrian Purple” remains the domain of the rich and famous. However, synthetic dyes and pigments that meet various purple color requirements have removed the mystique of the color purple.

Jami - Cokolada (Yu folk '94)

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Katie Melua - No Fear of Heights

Libya rebels: Gaddafi could be right about al-Qaeda

In fact, two documents strongly back Gaddafi on this issue.

The first is a secret cable to the State Department from the US embassy in Tripoli in 2008, part of the WikiLeaks trove, entitled "Extremism in Eastern Libya", which revealed that this area is rife with anti-American, pro-jihad sentiment.

According to the 2008 cable, the most troubling aspect "... is the pride that many eastern Libyans, particularly those in and around Dernah, appear to take in the role their native sons have played in the insurgency in Iraq … [and the] ability of radical imams to propagate messages urging support for and participation in jihad."

The second document, or rather set of documents, are the so-called Sinjar Records, captured al-Qaeda documents that fell into American hands in 2007. They were duly analysed by the Combating Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy at West Point. Al-Qaeda is a bureaucratic outfit and the records contain precise details on personnel, including those who came to Iraq to fight American and coalition forces and, when necessary, commit suicide.

The West Point analysts' statistical study of the al-Qaeda personnel records concludes that one country provided "far more" foreign fighters in per capita terms than any other: namely, Libya. FULL ARTICLE

Black & Spotted Panther

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Pusha T - Raid ft. 50 Cent & Pharrell

Scumbag of the Week: John McCain

I never liked this hypocritical scumbag but a new article titled 'John McCain Was In Favor Of Supplying Military Aid To Gaddafi Before He Was For Supplying Military Aid To The Forces Looking To Topple Gaddafi' marks a new low even for him. FULL ARTICLE

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12 Years Since NATO Bombing of Serbia

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the NATO aggression on Serbia, which lasted 77 days, caused over 30 billion dollars in damage and most tragically the death of 2, 500 people. We remember the victims and urge the rest of the world to open their eyes and demand the truth.

Join the 'Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia' Group on Facebook

Olivera Katarina - Đelem, đelem...

Che Guevara & Aleida March

his second wife

Quote of the Week

"Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die."

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Serbian Army in WWI

Photography: Samson Cernov

100,000 Hits since July!

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Dope old Slovenian Cassette Artwork

i love the picture of the girl, as you can tell we integrated it in the new design of the blog

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5 Questions with Nenad Mijatovic

To je bilo sredinom dve hiljaditih godina sva prica je bila o Nemanji Aleksandrovom projektu da ide prvi u NBA draftu. Ovisnik kosarke kao sto sam ja, Ja sam namestio U18 Evropsko Prvenstvo da uhvatim Srbiju i Crnu Goru protiv Turske. Secam se 3 stvari: Nemanja je igrao soft i upropastio njegove sanse da ide u NBA. Turci su imali plej mejkera koji je izgledao kao Kvazimodo, probao je da se folira i nosi dvije razlicite tene (I nije uspeo). I zadnje, jedini igrac na Srpskom timu da pokaze srce: obrijanom glavom- sa trakom, combo guard zvani Nenad Mijatovic. Nekoliko godina kasnije ja sam izdao pesmu Upoznaj Srbiju III sa Nenadovim kolegom Sasa Pavlovic , poceli smo pricati na MySpace i imamo postovanje za jedno drugog od tada. Nenad je crazy muthafucker i ja sam strastveni citalac njegovih statusa . Ovo je moj naj omiljeniji intervju do sada ( Izvini Vanja, Neven i mali cudaku) Pridruzi se samon dok razgovramo o svemu od Japana do Nikoline Pisek.

Pre par godina su te smatrali first round NBA prospect, Svet hoce da zna sta ti radis u zadje vreme, i sta su ti planovi u buducnosti?

Da, Alexandrov generacija, dechaci rodjeni 1987..malo ljudi zna da je to verovatno najbolja generacija Srbije I Crne Gore shto se tiche mladjih selekcija.. na 3 evropska prvenstva smo bili prvaci, I nikad nismo izgubili utakmicu! Pored mene koji sam bio play, bekovi su bili Teodosic I Tepic, krilo Alexandrov a centar Labovic. Neki su otishli na vrh liftom a neki su morali stepenicama. Ja sam imao priliku da idem direktno na vrh sa najbrzim liftom na svetu, ali umesto toga idem stepenicama sa tegovima oko nogu od 20 kg! Imao sam 2 opcije: da idem za svima I vuchem ih za rukav I govorim kako me je taj I taj zeznuo, kako mi je taj I taj zabo noz u ledja, kako su mi se menageri napili krvi ili da uzmem loptu, cutim I ubijem se od treninga I da za 10, 15 godina ako me povrede zaobidju, mogu da kazem da sam dao svoj maximum a okolnosti nisu dozoljavale vishe. Izabrao sam ovo drugo. Posle dugo godina u Buducnosti, igrao sam Kijevu, Shpaniji, Turskoj I Kipru.. Ove god su me menageri poslali po celoj Evropi, samo shto...nigde nisam poshao , haha! Trenutno sam na Cetinju sa Miodragom Kadijom, trener koji je vodio nashu `87 generaciju do evropskog zlata u Madridu 2003. Cepam svaki dan maximalno, da kad podjem negde budem 100% spreman. Chetvoro ljudi slusham u zivotu: majku oca, brata I trenera. Kosharka je moja ljubav, opsesija, posao I zivot. Ali isto tako nisam dozvolio da mi uradi ono shto su karijere vecini ljudi uradile, ne pricham za sportiste samo.. Za nekoliko godina ljudi nece ici na posao I imati karijeru. Karijere ce ici kod ljudi I zivece u njima. Ljudi nece ici u kancelariju. Kancelarija ce ici kod choveka na posao, a posle na letovanje, dok ce chovek ostajati na jednom mestu kao radni stol.

U pocetku mislio sam da si ti sto posto Crnogorac, ali si rodjen u Splitu i rekao si mi da su ti roditelji is Vojvodine. Zasto si odlucio da igras za Crnu Goru mesto Srbije?

Majka mi je iz Vojvodine, otac iz Bosne, rodjen sam u Splitu, a zivim celi zivot u Crnoj Gori. Pravi SFRJ Titov pionir! Iz Crne Gore sam uglavnom bio jedini koji je igrao za mladje selekcije Jugoslavije ,kasnije SCG.Maximalno je josh 1 crnogorac bio samnom. Kada je bio referendum, Danilo MItrovic, sadashnji director reprezentacije CG, mi je prishao I rekao:` Ti ne pristajesh da igrash za Crnu Goru, ti pristajesh da igrash za Buducnost.` I tako je I bilo, Buducnost je bila moja kuca, 10 godina sam bio tamo, od kad sam bio pionir , pa do seniora, chitav zivot zivim u Crnoj Gori(iako nemam nikog u njoj od rodbine)tako da je ta odluka bila logichna u tom trenutku.

Ja i ti inace se slazemo u mnogim stvarima, ali ti si veliki volitelj Bill Mahera i negovoj dokumentaciji "Religulous" Ja ne volim obadvoje . Reci mi sta ti se najvise divi o njemu i sta si naucio od tog filma?

Maher je u moj listi ljudi koji me inspirishu. Moj stav po pitanju religije je vec poznat ovde u Crnoj Gori preko fb statusa. Istomishljenik sam sa Maherom, a ono shto mi se najvishe svidelo u tom dokumentarcu je rekacija I izgledi lica ljudi kada im postavi odredjena pitanja vezana za religiju I boga. Kako je razotkrio mnoge stvari vezane za bibliju. Ja lichno mislim da je sve u pravu. Ja znam da je biblija bajka I da isus I bog ne postoje. Bog je stanje uma, ali kada mu se ljudi mole onda je otac Isusa. Zamisli otac ti je stanje uma? I to nije sve, Isus, Bog I sveti duh su jedno! 2 pitanja koja uvek postavljam verniku I koja nikada nece dobiti odgovor a da se ne prolazi kroz virtuelne izmishljotine: Milioni dece umiru od gladi u Africi, Milon ipo jevreja je pobijeno, svako malo siluju devojchice, ubiju ih I zakopaju u shumi. Sve su to nevini ljudi, koji su verovatno molili boga da ih spasi u trenutku najvece agonije. E sad, zashto bi tebi bog pomogao jer si imao usran period u zivotu, a imash porodicu, auto, idesh u discotecu, I na kraju krajeva –ziv si!??
Drugo pitanje: Isus je vaskrsnuo, jel tako? Hrishcani moraju da veruju u to, jel tako? Da vidimo shta se desilo: Chovek kojeg je rodila zena koja nikada nije imala sex, za kojega niko ne zna shta je radio od prve do tridesete godine, chovek koji je onda pocheo da lechi dodirom I hoda po vodi, je kada je bio razapet I odnesen u prostoriju koja je zatvorena sa svih strana metar debelim kamenom, treci dan, fizichki dio pretvorio u svetlost, proshao kroz kamen u obliku svetlosti, na nebo, ne zna se do koje visine, I ta svetlost se zavrshila, otishla je niko ne zna gde, ali je on zauzeo mesto pored svog oca koji nema oblik, koji je stanje uma I koji je isto sa svojim sinom I svetim duhom. Kako neko moze da veruje u ove gluposti? Ja sam ishao u shkolu, chitam knjige, imam mozak. Kako neko moze da veruje u ovo to mi nije jasno! Ne samo u ovo, nego u josh million ovakvih ludosti! Ako nekog zanima koje su to ludosti, neka pogleda film Ili neka prochita na mom wallu status-15 razloga zashto ne verujem u boga.U 2 jevandjela se ne spominje rodjenje od device, po bibliji zemlja je nastala pre 6000 godina, bog je stvorio zemlju za 6 dana,sedmi je odmorio, nikad se nikome nije pojavio, ne postoji nijedan dokaz nijednog chuda, a ljudi nalaze kosti mamuta I odrede techno pre koliko je godina, cepaju atome, idu na mesec I prave nevidljive avione uveliko, ali u ove bajke veruju!Koje su nauchno oborene. Dokazano je da su netachne. U labaratoriji. A da , nauka I crkva su se uvek svadjali, to sve objashnjava!haha, pa ajmo svi da verujemo u Supermena onda. Iusu nema vishe dokaza posotjanja od njega. Pricha, samo pricha koja se prenosila..Kao o Zevsu koji gadja munjama sve zivo kad popizdi! Ljudi su slepi I isprogramirani. A kada I pogledaju film ili im neko kaze neke stvari koje su neoborive, onda na scenu nastupa ego koji im ne dozvoljava da slushaju jer ne zele sebi da priznaju da su 20 godina verovali u Deda Mraza! I ostaju u zabludi, nekad I do kraja zivota. Maher kaze:` Sumnja, samo sumnja. Sumnja je skromna a takav bi trebao biti I chovek.` Polako druze, daj sedi da poprichamo malo..

Mi smo unistili Ivani Korabi glumsku karijeru, Koga hoces da provociras sledece? Mozda Alessandra Ambrosio?

Ivana Korab. Hahaha, koliko sam se samo presmijao tu noc. Ona je stvarno fizichki avion,I ovako se chini cool. Pochela je valjda sa glumom I tu je bio neki njen drug koji je chuchao ili shta vec I mi ga rasturili od zajebancije I ona je bila u fazonu: Palite seljaci, ovo je umetnost a mi smo umetnici! Hahaha, shatro umetnici! Secam se chvene rechenice Dostojevskog: Kada vas Nenad I FIlip zezaju na facebooku,lakshe vam je da se pospete benzinom, zapalite, chekate da izgorite, pretvorite se u pepeo, odete po metlu, bacite se u kantu, pa u kontejner, dok ne dodjete na otpad,I kad vas recikliraju opet u choveka, da odete do benzinske pumpe polijete se opet benzinom I spichi vas meteor..i tako dva puta!
Ali dobro si ti rekao: Nije ona kriva, ona I te dobre ribe su takve zbog debila koji im se ulizuju, penali I poltroni. Evo isto Nikolina Pishek pre neki dan stavila neshto za ovaj Japan, kao uzas. Ja nisam izdrzao I pocheo da ih zezam u fazonu: gde je bog sad , bla bla. Odma su poltronchici skochili-Niki,vidi,mi branimo nasheg Isusa, I pocheli da prave kolut unapred I da preskachu kozlic iz osnovne sa chasa fizichkog I kad doskoche okretali su se prema Nikolini I sa ochima malog kuce pitali: Niki, Niki kakav sam bio? Koji debili. A ona cura normalna, zdrava..shta-vishe slaze se sa vecinom mojih stavova.Pitala me samo zashto toliko ljutnje? Pa meni je u krvotoku da zezam glupe ljude. Pitati mene zashto sam toliko ljut je isto kao pitati Eminema zashto psuje..ili Ronaldinja zashto je ruzan?
Inache ima samo par profila na koje volim da udjem, gde su zanimljivi statusi I gde mogu prochitati neshto novo, poneshto I nauchiti..Mala Niki, onda chuveni par`Ne zna se ko je lepsha polovina`(Stefan Kapichic I Miranda Vidak)oni su jedni od retkih koji su zdravi u glavu,redovan sam na tvom.. mozda josh 2,3.. sve ostalo manje vishe smara, klipovi sa granda I fotografije kad god se napusti kuca..
Koga cemo sledeceg da zezamo? Znam koga necemo, a to je moja nesudjena ljubav Alessandra Ambrosio. Na twitteru joj josh uvek stoji tvoja poruka: Nenad ce da se popenje na najvecu planinu u Crnoj Gori, Lovcen, ako mu se javish. Chekam da udje u kolotechinu sa svojim muzem, pa me mozda pozove da je grijem nocu..ili josh bolje nocima. Alessandra je nalpesha zena na svetu posle Zoe Saldane I ona moze da radi shta hoce.

Ti si napravio album "TOP 15 BEOGRADJANKI" koji je veoma popularan, Zasto ni jedna nema dupe? Sta su razlike izmedju Beogradjanke i Podgoricanke?

Uh, koja je pometnja nastala sa tim albumom. To se pomamio celi Beograd. Ribe pochele da mi se javljaju kao-a ja, ja? Vidi mene? Vidi kako sam dobra riba?Kad ce ponovo izbor? Jebote, tek sad shvatam kako to da ovi fotografi toliko dobijaju pussy, radi jednog booka! A zamisli da si u ziriju za izbor za miss! Ja mislim da bi te pustile da ih gadjash punim limenkama u glavu.
Nemaju neko dupe? Ok, ti si u Americi, tamo je zajeban ass-standard sa svim tim crnkinjama. Ja sam prvenstveno na lice obratio paznju, pa celokupno telo, ali ima I studentkinja koje bi dobro proshle u Americi. Jelena Kikic je izdefinisana, moze iz poluchuchnja da izbaci 100kg, ako je fixirana mashina u pitanju. Sa zivim tegom-do 80. Ima je u pozadini,ima tu materijala za American standard!Morao bi da izdvojim I nashu najvecu booty mezimicu-Unu Grujic, koja bi na takmichenju Niki Minaj ass sigurno uzela medalju! Ma ne bi verovao koliko je album popularan, a meni bilo dosadno jedan dan i sastavio to I napravio u fazonu da sam ja professor a one kao uchenice.. Moram da napomenem da sam napravio veliki propustne ne stavljajuci Marinu Djordjevic, koja je inache vrhunski dj, chiji je mix stavljen na mom telefonu za alarm.Zamisli, alarm na telefon mi je mix od manekenke, koliko je to ludo?? Marina jebi ga, I nama najboljima se dese propusti! Haha.
Razlika izmedju podgorichanki I beogradjanki? Prvo naglasak. Podgorichanka kad mi dodje- A dobro je to druze, a maxe odavde chasti ti!(Uglavnom, kurchevito prichaju)odma izgubi 30%sexipila. A beogradjanka kada dodje: Jao, bila sam kod Panjkovica da mi uradi mini val, posle sam ishla do Svetlane da mi ispricha radnju filma-lepa sela lepo gore u lepoj beogradskoj mlekari, onda sam prochitala u `Svetu` da je Sale Popovic shutnuo Saleta novinara u potkolenicu,onda smo trolom ishli do konja, pa smo terazijama shetali do Mc-a I peshke posle do kalisha, sele smo na klupu I gledale reku. Sa tim svaka riba dobija 30% na sexipilu. E to je razlika u naglasku. A ima josh jedna. Beogradjanke su slobodnije, manje se foliraju. A podgorichanke? Svaka ti je ovakva- Sa drugom igra u discoteci, cheshe sise o njega, vataju se, samo shto se ne pojebu I kaze-ali mi smo najbolji drugari!To je kao da kaze - Nije me jebao, samo mi ga je prislonio! Podgorichanke su u fazonu: Ja bi se jebala ali da niko ne sazna.

Editors note: Podgorichanke sound more like my type

1000th Post: Top 5 Most Read All Time

i started this blog about a year and a half ago to talk about pretty much everything besides my own music...i can't believe i'm already on the 1000th post! that's what happens when someone has too much time on their hands folks!..even though at first i didn't know how to use blogger i'm really happy with the following the blog has amassed and i'm excited about continuing to bring you #winning content...we did a slight re-design on the overall look and we're working on a re-launch with exclusive interviews, articles and more over the next week or so!...with no further adieu check below for the top 5 most read posts all time here on Offspring Of Mama's Beauty!

- Filip Filipi

1. 1997: The Year of Puff Daddy (10,901 views)

2. Why Serbs should cheer for Bosnia to make the World Cup (7,359 views)

3. Top 5 hottest Albanian Girls (5,927 views)

4. Irina Shayk > Adriana Lima (3,999 views)

5. Is Milan Stankovic gay or at the very least bisexual? (3,565 views)

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Quote of the Week

"Britain no longer exists. It is a trace of what it used to be. It has been promoting attack on Libya. Is there a common border between us? Are you our guardian? By what right?" - Col Gaddafi

Attention all hipsters in Serbia raising money for Japan

What the Serbian economy makes in 1 YEAR Japan makes in 60 HOURS...they don't need your money, help your own refugees from Krajina, Bosna, Kosovo, etc

Croats are tired of pretending to be European

homie speaks some truth at around the 3:00 mark...there have been mass protests in Croatia about corruption in recent weeks + a growing anti-EU sentiment (which seems mutual)

RIP Nate Dogg

a lot of artists today you just download 1 or 2 of their singles...i actually bought all of Nate's albums...enjoy 2 of my favorite tracks by him - RIP

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Tyler The Creator - Yonkers

Shouldn't be a reason that you haven't seen this yet. In case you've still been sleeping on the Wolves.

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Shyne - XXL Magazine Interview (2004)

XXL: You appeared on Politically Incorrect recently. Bill Maher really came down hard on you and you held your own. Do you feel that his attitude represents the mainstream view of hip-hop?

His attitude represents the White, Anglo-Saxon ignorance and disease that exists in the world—people that claim America was discov¬ered even though people was already living here. There’s a continuity in his behavior. It doesn’t disturb me because I know that igno¬rance exists. And I thank God that I have the power to enlighten the people rather than just let them be bombarded with his ignorance. FULL INTERVIEW


Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries companion Granado dies

Alberto Granado, the motorcycle companion of Ernesto Che Guevara, has died in Cuba at the age of 88.

The pair's eight-month journey around Latin America was immortalised in the 2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries.

The journey, begun in 1951, exposed the two medical students to deep poverty and social injustice and awoke Guevara's revolutionary convictions. FULL ARTICLE