Friday, February 10, 2012

Victoria's Secret Model Prioritizes Faith Over Lingerie

Most models dream of landing a spot in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. When it happened to Kylie Bisutti, who won the lingerie brand's model search in 2009, she was thrilled with the honor and the fun extras it brought.

"One of the big perks I noticed," she wrote in The Huffington Post, "was all the invitations and opportunities to attend these star-studded events that I had never even considered going to before."

But all the perks weren't enough to lure her further down Victoria's Secret's glittering path, as Kylie told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. Her religion started getting in the way:

"Victoria's Secret was my absolutely biggest goal in life, and it was all I ever wanted career-wise. I actually loved it while I was there, it was so much fun and I had a blast. But the more I was modeling lingerie, and lingerie isn't clothing, I just started becoming more uncomfortable with it because of my faith...I'm Christian, and reading the Bible more, I was becoming more convicted about it."

Her marriage played an important role in changing her mind. "I just want to do everything I can to keep my marriage special," she revealed to FOX411’s Pop Tarts. "My body should only be for my husband and it's just a sacred thing." FULL ARTICLE
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